Health Services for Syrian Refugees Response Report


Syrian individuals and families began arriving in Hamilton on December 21, 2015 under the Government Assisted Refugee Program. Hamilton Urban Core was engaged in early planning with the local reception centre, Wesley Urban Ministries, who was also responsible for the federally funded Refugee Assistance Program (RAP). The Minister of Health and Long-Term Care requested that community health centres across the province be engaged in leadership roles to ensure that the Syrian refugees had access to health services. Through the Hamilton health services planning table Hamilton Urban Core along with other health providers had early involvement in connecting with people and providing information, conducting initial health assessments and responding to urgent situations. This report contains information about the approach and services provided to refugees from Syria who accessed services at Hamilton Urban Core.


Improving Health through Better Access to Food and Nutrition


Hamilton Urban Core is pleased to announce that it is now a distribution centre for the Good Food Box. The Good Food Box is a non-profit fresh fruits and vegetable distribution program. The program helps make fresh food affordable and accessible to everyone. Food is bought at wholesale prices preferably from Hamilton and Ontario farmers. Boxes are packed with a large variety of fruits and vegetables and the selection changes each month. For information about the Good Food Box at the Core contact Juan Carlos at 905-522-3233.



World Health Organization (WHO) Project: Equity Standards in Health Care – Phase 2


Hamilton Urban Core served as a Pilot Testing Site for the Standards in Equity in Health Care for Migrants and Other Vulnerable Group project. The draft standards were pilot-tested and evaluated by a group of 45 health care organizations from 12 countries in 2012. Hamilton Urban Core was the only community health centre to participate. Based on the feedback received the draft standards were improved, finalized and presented at the International HPH Conference in Gothenburg. The work was well-received and Phase 2 approved.


“As a valuable contributor to the pilot test of the “Equity standards in health care” (Phase 1), we now have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the pilot implementation of the self-assessment process based on the revised standards (Phase 2)” notes Antonio Chiarenza, PhD., Coordinator of the WHO-HPH Task Force on MFH in his correspondence to Hamilton Urban Core.


Hamilton Urban Core’s commitment to equity and health equity remains steadfast and we look forward to next steps. Information and updates will be shared as we move forward with Phase 2 of this project later in the year.