A Made at the Core Approach


Preventing and managing chronic disease is an important priority for Hamilton Urban Core.   Many of the clients accessing our Centre, as well as others in the community are living with chronic conditions.

To address the needs of people living with chronic health conditions and to prevent further illness Hamilton Urban Core has developed a chronic disease approach using a centre-wide platform for comprehensive care.

Diabetes is the initial focus of our approach. With that in mind Hamilton Urban Core has implemented an Interprofessional Diabetes Action (IDA)Team to ensure that clients living with diabetes or those at risk of developing diabetes and their families are receiving the help and support they need.

Primary Care Nurses, a Physician Assistant, Chiropodists, Physician and Community Health Worker are all involved with IDA Team connecting  the right provider to clients at just the right time.

With an initial focus on the prevention and management of diabetes, programs and services include:


“Taking Charge” a weekly Diabetes Education Program

• “Living Smart, Living Well” Diabetes Wellness Clinic for individual services, support and counseling

• “Healthy Foot Prints” Diabetic Foot Clinic to promote good foot health and prevent complications due to diabetes

• “Diabetes without Borders” Culturally Focused Diabetes Education

This is a “made at the Core” approach to managing chronic illness and other factors that affect one’s health. Our Approach:

          •   • Is client- centered
            • Is holistic
            • Considers risks beyond physical illness such as poverty
            • Addresses the social determinants
            • Integrates harm reduction
            • Embraces cultural competence

To access services from the IDA Team or for information call 905-522-3233 or email administration@hucchc.com